Teaching & supervision / 教育・指導・ゼミ

Public lectures / 講演など

Thank you for your interest! Please contact Christoph — public lectures on sustainability, multispecies, degrowth etc. and other engagement will likely be organized through the FEAST NPO.


Research supervision & seminar / 研究指導・ルプレヒト研究室ゼミ


Are you a (graduate) student interested in some of the topics introduced on our research page or covered in some of our publications? Are you thinking about doing your 3rd/4th year research at the Department of Environmental Design in our lab, pursuing a Master or PhD on a related topic, or looking for an intership? Please contact Christoph!

ゼミで読む本・Books we read in the seminar


  • 持続可能な地域猫の管理について
  • 光汚染の昆虫類に対する影響を低減させた都市照明の考察及び提案
  • 地域アイデンティティとしての昆虫食-内子町の昆虫食生産のケーススタディ-
  • 社会的実践理論を利用した大豆ミートへのアプローチ分析
  • 自然環境が育むこどもの色彩感覚
  • 環境教育における実践型教育の導入による環境意識向上の可能性
  • 持続可能な四国西予ジオパークを目指して
  • 農業の課題に活用するスマート農業の現状と課題について
  • 西予市宇和盆地におけるツル・コウノトリと共生した環境まちづくりの検討

Past thesis topics include:

  • Towards sustainable community cat management
  • Reducing insect light pollution impact of urban lighting
  • Insect food as regional identity? A case study of insect food production in Uchiko
  • Considering soy meat through social practice theory
  • Influence of the natural environment on children’s sense of color
  • Can introducing practical education methods for environmental education increase environmental awareness?
  • Towards a sustainable Shikoku Seiyo geopark
  • Current status and issues of smart agriculture for solving agriculture-related problems
  • Environmental planning for coexistence with cranes and storks in the Uwa basin, Seiyo City

Ehime University classes / 愛媛大学の主な担当授業

See the Ehime University Syllabus System! / 詳しくは愛媛大学シラバス検索をご覧ください!